Why Are So Many Teachers Women?

Women by nature are loving and emotional, they are nurturing by default and are devised to care, teach and support those around them. Women have higher emotional intelligence than men and would always tend to use gut feel in different circumstances.

Because women have a normal emotional nature, teaching for women is easy. This is because women normally operate on emotions, which would mean that teaching for women is easier since by nature, women love to care and be compassionate to people and things.

Why are Teachers Usually Women?

Below are the reasons why teachers are usually women:

  • Historical Context
  • Economic Factors
  • Gender Roles
  • Education and Training
  • Stability

Historical Context

Most women are teachers because historically, most women are known to be engrossed and involved in the art of education. This is also mainly because most women are teachers and that is because of how education is devised. It is known statistically that women are better teachers than men because of women’s patience, values and sense of compassion.

Economic Factors

Women teachers historically were chosen over male teachers because they were cheaper compared to salary. It was because of the sense of discrimination in the past that affected the economical changes in the profession of education. The government would opt for women teachers as it is cheaper and more cost efficient. However, though this may be true in the past, this is totally different with the set up of the modern world today.

Gender Roles

Women and men are now equal but in the past, due to social discrimination against women, women were not allowed to teach. Women were actually not allowed to do anything until women communities started to fight for women’s rights. Now that equality amongst men and women have surfaced, education has become a battlefield for women who want to share their skills and knowledge to the world.

Education and Training

It is not a surprise that women are more enthusiastic when it comes to education and training. This is mostly because by nature, women are more compassionate and sharing. Women enjoy the fact of being able to share to the world what they know and knowledge on things. This reflects on how women consider education and training as their training ground.

The world today may be a lot different from how it was in the past however, the love and passion of women in the field of education has only grown stronger by the decade.